The Team

The Team

It occurred to me that opportunity wasn’t one thing—it was everything. Education is opportunity. Income is opportunity. Anything that offers people a shot at self-sufficiency, liberates them from mere survival, empowers them to do well for their families, communities, countries, and the world is opportunity. I saw what had been there all along, but had taken many years and traveling many thousands of miles to become clear to me: Glasses are opportunity.

Jordan Kassalow

Founder of VisionSpring

Board of Directors


Reade Fahs
Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer,
National Vision


Jordan Kassalow    
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,


J. David Chute
President and Founder,
i2C Ventures LLC


Nancy Rosenzweig
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Values Aligned Capital


Cindy Levine
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Cindy Levine Group


Brian Trelstad        
Bridges Fund Management


Cheryl Greene
Cheryl S. Greene Brand Strategy


Jamie A. Levitt
Partner, Morrison Foerster


Andrea Coravos
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder,
Elektra Labs


Kevin Hassey
Executive Leader, Consultant,
and Board Member


Rahul Saxena
President and Managing Partner,
RNS Global, LLC


Jim Brady
Vice Chair,
Grant Thornton LLP